GEMtool Co., Ltd., was founded in 1994, specializing in R&D of professional forming tools and tungsten carbide drill bits/milling tools for CNC lathes and milling machines. GEMtool's R&D team is professionally trained to provide cutting, 3D graphics drafting and CNC programming services and specializes in tools for the manufacture of MP3 housings, mobile phone display panels, LED backlight boards, aluminum-magnesium alloy parts and acrylic chamfer cutting.

To meet the needs of the optoelectronics industry in tapping, drilling, boring, turning, milling, pulling, and cutting jobs, GEMtool is equipped with precision machinery and equipment of internationally-renowned brands, including ROLLOMATIC Grinder of Switzerland, SCHNEEB RGER five-axis CNC Grinder, and TRANSOR filters and high-precision measuring equipment from the U.S. We continue to upgrade the technology and quality of our machinery to bring your business the best quality and delivery efficiency under the brand name - GEMtool.

In pursuit of ultimate quality and stability, GEMtool brought in a type of tungsten carbide rod from Germany and Japan as the raw material. This tungsten carbide rod is processed through two-stage grinding, with superfine and ultrafine particles, to ensure that its flexural strength, density, and hardness reach a certain standard. The rods are cut into the required specifications, processed through centerless grinding for surface treatment, and put through the CNC milling process before reaching the final stage of stringent testing for quality control; only products that meet the exacting testing standards are shipped to our customers.

GEMtool products are comparable in terms of quality to products from the US, Germany, and Japan, with reasonable prices, high reliability, and fast delivery. GEMtool is one of the leading manufacturers in Taiwan, and its products are trusted by companies worldwide.

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